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Hooping is being
promoted as a top
level form of fitness.

The History of
The Hoop

The Hula Hoop was
the hippest toy ar
It is now returning
for fun & fitness,
marking it's
50th Anniversary!

Learn How Hoops
Can Improve Your Health & Spirit!

The Anatomy
and Benefits
of Hooping

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Here's to hooping
for happiness,
toning up for the coming spring season!

Welcome to Fitness Hooping Online!

The Benefits of Hooping

  • Strengthen and tone your core
  • Excellent head-to-toe workout
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Energize your body and spirit
  • Practice any time of year
  • Enjoyed by all ages
  • Bring the joy back to exercise.

Strengthen your Core. Define your Waistline.
Burn up to 400 Calories in ONE HOUR!

Body Hooping is a new fitness trend that uses larger weighted hoops. The larger hoops
spin easier than the common toy hoop. The added weight of the hoop provides a
workout challenge which instantly burns calories. It is a great low impact exercise alternative that provides a whole body workout. Over time, one of the most noticeable benefits is core toning and waistline sculpting.

Shimming the hoop down around your buttock and legs also works directly on these areas. In addition, the arm work improves shoulder strength and definition. Turning,
walking and using the hoop in arm patterns is not only strengthening, but fun.
For the mid-lifers, it makes you feel like a kid again. It's a real lift: It takes you out of
the hectic, harried pace of your daily routine and transcends you into a completely holistic and uplifting workout.

Fitness Hooping is available for...
Special Events, Group and Personal Instruction,
Corporate Parties and Fundraisers!

In class, hooping is always performed to music. This improves the workout motivation and lends itself to creativity and self expression, which is unique to hooping. At home, students report that they like to hoop in front of the TV watching the news. Others like to hoop and unwind listening to a favorite CD at the end of the day.

For children and teenagers, body hooping is a hot, new way to exercise and have fun!
You will learn tricks that will amaze your friends. Fitness Body Hoops are blingy, and
grab lots of attention.
From a therapeutic perspective, hooping is great for individuals who are afflicted with or are recovering from, a neurological disability.

I work with children with developmental delays and adults with multiple handicaps.
Hooping helps recruit all of the abdominal and back muscles. It gives great
feedback with regards to posture and centering, and helps one improve balance and agility. It also facilitates improved coordination of movement.


A calorie is a measure of energy.
You can burn 400-800 calories hooping for 1 hour.
Warm your core - Turn down the thermostat.
Save energy = Save Money
Tone Up and Have Fun
This is a Win, Win for You and the Earth!

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Fitness Hooping
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